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Visiting Málaga Soho

It is always a good time to vindicate the role of neighborhoods in front of those who see the city center as the only chic thing: the usual shops, bars, and cafes where you can share a table and bar with neighbors, solidarity initiatives of help and cooperation, atmospheres alternative. That neighborhoods reinvent themselves depending, to a certain extent, on the attachment that their people have, on the feeling of belonging. And something like this has happened to the Soho neighborhood in Malaga, which for a few years has been the fashionable place of the capital of the Costa del Sol.

Many reasons explain why it monopolizes the alternative plans of the people of Malaga, and among them are its easy access and its cultural and gastronomic offer.

How to get to Soho from Malaga

Before considering a visit, you should know its location: it is between the Alameda Principal and the port. It is an enviable location since the Alameda is one of the busiest roads in the city and the port area concentrates a lot of transport.

The María Zambrano train station and the bus station are added, both a stone’s throw away, and from them, you can easily reach the airport. For those who go by car, there are both public and private car parks, as well as blue zone squares.

What you can do in Malaga’s Soho

Any day of the week and any time slot is good for a walk through the fashionable area of Malaga, so we suggest some plans.

1. Start the day with energy

If you like churros, you will like knitting, lighter, and with a characteristic bow shape. You can order them in the Cazorla cafeteria with the de rigueur coffee.

What do you prefer something different? Then stop by Córdoba Street and The Cereal Boom, where you can find a hundred varieties that are added to toasts, smoothies or organic coffee.

2. The walk

To immerse yourself in that urban and underground style characteristic of the neighborhood is to walk in front of the graffiti of Obey, D * Face, Roa, Belin, or the Malaga Doger, among others.

The truth is that street art has been a shock to a neighborhood that was somewhat depressed and mired in some social problems. Within the framework of the MAUS Project, corresponding to the acronym of Malaga Urban Art Soho, it has been filled with color and very modern air.

3. Culture

On Córdoba street is the Teatro del Soho de Málaga, which is the stage project of the Malaga actor Antonio Banderas. It promised to be the definitive incentive for the rebirth of the neighborhood, and it has succeeded to the point that next February it will host an edition of the Goya awards that, incidentally, will be presented by Banderas himself and the journalist María Casado.

The Contemporary Art Center is a space for painting, sculpture, photography, and video creation, and on Martínez Campos street is the Museum of Imagination. It is a world of optical illusions that will delight the little ones, who do not pay if they are under seven years old.

They are spaces that join the most avant-garde alternative stores that are also worth a visit.

4. Of tapas and cañas

Soho is also an ideal place for beer lovers. Among the proposals are El Rincón del Cervecero, Cervecería Mapamundi 2011 or La Fábrica – Cervecería Artesanal Cruzcampo. The latter has a huge venue that also offers live music and street art exhibitions.

As for food, you can find everything: from the usual menu that is full without spending a lot; to creative cuisine places that invite you to pair with good wines.

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