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Walking tours usually last between 1 and 3 hours, depending on the city and the chosen excursion can have a low to medium intensity, usually have slopes.


Each person must assess their physical ability to be able to take the tour. The excursions are not adapted to people with reduced mobility. The historical centers of cities in Europe usually have slopes and narrow streets without sidewalks.


In Andalusia during the summer seasons it is usually very warm, it must be properly hydrated. Drink water during the excursion.


Sun protection is essential in southern Spain, you must be able to protect yourself from the sun during the excursion both in winter and in summer. We recommend a hat, hat or other that protects the head, sunglasses and sunscreen for the skin.


For walking tours you must have comfortable and appropriate clothing at the time of the year, it can be very cold or very warm. Take special care to the right shoes for walks, we recommend closed shoelaces.


The walks can have a low to moderate difficulty for an adult in normal physical condition. Keep in mind that you must be accustomed to walks, slopes, and be outdoors. Special recommendation to assess whether they are fit for very young children as well as older people.


The excursions are not adapted to people with reduced mobility.


The Excursions are designed for adults, so children under 12 years old are not accepted, the minimum age that we believe could be adapted to make the tour of the excursion.

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