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MálagaBici: bicycle loan service of the city

MálagaBici is the bicycle loan service of the city of Malaga, which is configured as a practical and sustainable means of transport. Many native people use it every day as an alternative to private or public transport, such as the bus, but it is worth asking what of the tourist.

Amsterdam, Antwerp, or Barcelona are cities that deserve to be covered by bicycle, but does the same happen with Malaga? We review the service to clear doubts.

How MalagaBici works

To tour Malaga by bicycle using this service, it is necessary to have a transport card from the Municipal Transport Company of Malaga and then register on the MalagaBici website.

The service does not contemplate special modalities for the tourist, but the visitor can benefit from the general facilities and incentives. To start, the annual fee is 10 euros per subscriber, but there is no need to pay for the first year. In addition, the first 30 minutes of use is always free, then it is frequent that the first year only civil liability and accident insurance is paid, which also costs 10 euros.

To illustrate this, suppose you want to come to visit Malaga and explore it by bike. You must buy a transport card at one of the many points of sale in the city, such as tobacconists, press kiosks or a tourist bus office. You can buy the transfer card that will also be used for buses, and if you change the lines, it is free.

The next thing will be to go to the official MalagaBici website and sign up, by clicking on the “Free registration” section and paying the insurance of 10 euros. Then you can use the bike for trips of half an hour or less to get it free. At registration, you must provide your credit card, so you spend time and you have not recharged any amount they will charge 17 cents per minute. What you can do is change your bike at a station before that first half hour is complete.

Advantages of MálagaBici

The service is fairly affordable, as it is intended to be an alternative to private transportation. The bicycles are well equipped, with a set of lights and a basket to deposit objects.

There are 22 stalls scattered throughout the city, with between 21 and 48 beacons each to pick up and drop off bicycles. From the MalagaBici website, you can see in real-time how many bikes or free places there are to leave it in each station.

Bike lane in Malaga

The bike path in Malaga has an extension of 40 kilometers, although, in May 2020, another 50 have been provisionally enabled for the use of bicycles and scooters. The city is eminently flat, then you can enjoy a pleasant walk.

A bit of advice? Take the red tour to tour the historic center and finish on the seafront.

Other recommendations to visit Malaga by bike

We recommend you see the illustrative videos on the official website of the service to inform you about its use, especially with regard to withdrawal and return. They are short, explanatory, and are subtitled in English.

Remember that with the EMT transfer card you can use any bus line, so if you want to access certain areas by bike, like Gibralfaro, you can use this one. And, in case you do not want to use the public bicycle service but the two-wheeled vehicle, you can go to a private company that offers them.

All in all, touring Malaga by bike with MalagaBike is highly recommended for the price, how pleasant the ride can be, and how sustainable the option is. There are many stations and the bike path is extensive, so answering the owner’s question: yes, it is worth it for the tourist.

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