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If you are a fan of nature and hiking, Malaga offers you a great route to know the whole province, traveling through unparalleled landscapes of great beauty. We are talking about The Great Málaga Path, one of the most beautiful hiking trails that we can find in Europe, and that in Leisurely we can’t stop recommending you. Ready for a great adventure?

What is Hiking?

“Hiking is a relaxing activity that can be confused with other disciplines or be included within them due to their similarity, such as hiking, mountaineering or trekking. According to the extensive literature on the mountain and outdoor sports, hiking would be the closest discipline and precursor of trekking. The main difference with the latter would be that it runs along unmarked paths and trails and therefore do not have the guarantees of safety and quality provided by approved trails.”

About The Great Málaga Path

The Great Málaga Path (GSM) is one of the best proposals to discover all the corners of one of the most beautiful provinces of Spain. 650 kilometers that cover the interior and the coast and that allow to know in depth the art, the culture, the gastronomy, the tradition and the nature, at the same time that we develop our favorite activity.
This Path of Malaga has 35 stages formed by fully approved trails, marked and identified with the initials GR-249 and white and red colors. The whole route is part of the competences of the Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing (FEDME).
In the province, there are long-distance trails (GR), short-distance trails (PR), local trails (SL) and other trails or paths, such as the Mozarabic Way of Malaga (the Camino de Santiago that crosses the province from south to north) and municipal trails (many of them are not approved, which does not mean that they are not perfectly usable).

Thanks to its maritime and mountainous routes, the province of Malaga can be known in all its splendor, passing through landscapes where it would be impossible to visit by car. The Costal del Sol, its most characteristic villages and the most rugged mountain ranges are waiting to be discovered by intrepid hikers, an adventure worth living once in a lifetime!

Stages of the Great Path of Malaga

It is made up of 35 stages, where Malaga is the beginning and the end, presenting a variant reduced to 17 stages for those who want to do it by mountain bike. In total, the Great Path of Malaga runs through 51 municipalities, 2 Natural Reserves, 4 Natural Parks, and 3 Natural Landscapes, including the famous Gaitanes Gorge.

Best stages of The Great Málaga Path

Although all 35 stages are exciting and worth seeing, we can only highlight the best ones for their beauty and international relevance:
– El Caminito del Rey: Stages 21 and 22 (Estación del Chorro – Ardales and Ardales – El Burgo) overlook the famous Caminito del Rey, considered the most dangerous in the world for being suspended over the vertical walls of the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes.
“The Caminito del Rey is an aerial path built on the walls of the Gaitanes Gorge. It is a path attached to the aforementioned gorge with a length of 3 kilometers that has long stretches and a width of just 1 meter. It starts in the municipality of Ardales, crosses the municipality of Antequera, and ends in El Chorro (Álora).” 
– La Senda Litoral: Formed by 12 stages that go from Nerja to the Castillo de la Duquesa de Manilva, bordering the province of Cadiz. It is a route along the coast of Malaga, which connects the different promenades of 14 towns on the Costa del Sol.
Senda de los Pescadores: It runs along the north of the Sierra de Mijas and ends in Alhaurín de la Torre. The route goes into the crests of the mountains and allows you to enjoy landscapes such as Los Tajos or Jarapalos.

As it could not be otherwise, along all the stages of The Great Málaga Path there are establishments enabled to rest and spend the night, and that grant the credential of the Great Hiker, an accreditation that certifies that at least 3 of the stages have been completed. There is no doubt that it is an adventure to do alone or accompanied, we hope you enjoy it in all its splendor.

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