The meeting point of the excursion is in Málaga City Council, Av. De Cervantes, 4, 29016. There, you will find the buses with the departure of the day, indicating the destination on the front of the bus and there will be several guides to help you in case of doubt.

You must show up 15 minutes before the departure time stated in the confirmation of the hired excursion.

You must present yourself with the confirmation of the excursion in print or digital, as well as a valid identification (DNI /passport/id) of each passenger.

Please send us an email to reservas@leisurely.es

Please send us an email to reservas@leisurely.es

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All excursions include a city tour to visit that lasts between 1 to 3 hours. These routes can be at intervals of walks according to bus transfers. Other excursions involve longer uninterrupted walking tours, up to 4 hours, which can be outdoor or active outdoors. The difficulty depends on the excursion, some cities are flatter and some with slopes and descents. Keep this in mind for proper clothing, footwear and sun protection.

The arrival time is estimated, and the one we try to meet within the possibilities. This will depend on the correct development of the excursion in times as well as the traffic. We do not recommend that you take excursions on the same day as other commitments or trips, such as a flight, train, etc.

All excursions have free time agreed with the guide for lunch, which is not included in the price of the excursion. Our guide will give recommendations for different preferences, as well as you can use this time to go free or go shopping. With the exception of the gastronomic tours, where the included is detailed.

Entrance tickets to the attractions included in the price are those specified in the excursion confirmation only. Some monuments that are named in the detail of the excursion do not imply the entrance to it, it can be visited from outside and comment by the guide. In the case of attractions that are free, the guide will decide according to the correct course of the excursion if there is enough time to make an internal visit.

Lunchtime can be used freely to travel freely or to go shopping. Always complying with the schedule and place agreed with the guide where and when to present to continue with the excursion.

You have another question, you can send us an email to info@leisurely.es and we will contact you shortly.

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