Wine tourism / Oleotourism in Malaga

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  • Duration: 4hs approx
  • Small groups

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Wine tourism and Oleotourism in Malaga

Malaga has been a land of wine for centuries. The Denomination of Origin Malaga, one of the oldest in Europe, has its origin in 1833.
The first Malaga wines could have their precedents in the vineyards that the Phoenicians cultivated in their incursions on the Malaga coast.
In Roman times the importance of wine is confirmed. A good example is the grapes represented in the ruins of Acinipo in Ronda or a fermentation tank found in Cartama, which come to corroborate the existence of the Vinum Malacita.
During the old Al-Andalus, despite the Koranic prohibition of alcohol consumption, this beverage, known at that time as the ‘Xarab Al Malaquí’, continued to be produced.

Denomination of Origin: It is the name of a region, region or place that serves to identify a product of recognized quality and prestige, which having been made in the geographical area that gives its name with grapes from it, its quality and characteristics are they owe fundamentally or exclusively to the geographical environment, to edaphological, climatic conditions and other natural and human factors, in such a way that it is a unique and differentiable product from among its kind.


Wineries that produce under the Designation of Origin PASAS DE MÁLAGA, its sweet wines are recognized throughout the world.
We will visit one of them, for tasting and understanding of the importance of wine tradition in the Axarquía region.
Side. Raisins of Malaga covers the raisins obtained by drying in the sun of ripe fruits of the Moscatel de Málaga or Moscatel de Alejandría variety, harvested and dried in the Axarquía region or in the Manilva subzone.
Natural drying in the sun is the traditional one in the area and the only one allowed by the Regulation so that our product maintains organoleptic characteristics that make it unmatched in taste, texture and colour.

Olive Oil Mill

Oleotourism offers a guided tour in an environment of artisanal cold pressing. An experiential itinerary associated with the knowledge of the natural environment of Malaga and specifically olive oil.
We invite you to discover the exciting world of Olive Oil through a unique experience, in which you can get to know all our extra virgin olive oils in your place of birth, the Montes de Málaga.
You will be able to know first-hand the process of making our extra virgin olive oils in the modern oil mill, from the time the olive enters until the oil is packaged.
You will also travel back in time to visit our old stone mill of the 18th century, which was previously a wine winery, from which the exceptional winery has been recovered and which has one of the few beam and quintal presses that exist in the province from Malaga. In this space, you will know how our ancestors made the oil.


Round transport y and Driver
tour Guide
Visit and tasting Olive Oil Mill or Visit and tasting at Winery

Not included
Pickup and return to the hotel (available for private services)
Food and beverages


Regular bookings will be valid with a confirmed payment.
You have free cancellation rights when cancelling up till 48 hours before schedule.
Bookings made, changed or cancelled within under 48 hours before schedule are not refundable.
Bookings made for private services or for groups of over 6 passengers will be valid with payment and express confirmation of the service. This kind of booking has a 7 day cancellation right prior to the service.
Bookings made, changed or cancelled under 7 days prior to the service are not refundable.
Please contact us for any query about your booking and/or payments can be made at:

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Passenger ID, (ID card or passport).

Additional information:
Please remember that this excursión is mostly outdoors, we will be visiting a natural site on foot, you will be required to walk during moderate time spans. Do not forget to wear suitable footwear and clothing and also use solar protection.
We recommend you to drink water during the excursión.
This excursion is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.
Food and drink are not included, but a mealtime will be arranged with the guide.
This activity will be done with a group of at least 8 people. If this mínimum is not reached, all the persons with a booking will be notified as soon as possible.
*Please read general terms and conditions carefully.

Wine tourism / Oleotourism in Malaga


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