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5 typical excursions to do from Malaga

We are in love with Andalusia, its extensive coasts, its gastronomy, its happiness and the different options that it offers us throughout the year; for this reason, here we leave you the 5 typical excursions to do from Malaga, you can hardly leave Andalusia without visiting them.

Granada, the last Muslim city

If you are travelling in Andalusia you can not miss this city, take your time, because there are many places of interest, from the great cultural and architectural variety, as well as its leisure, artistic and gastronomic options. Therefore and much more is one of the 5 classic excursions to do from Malaga.

Located at the foot of Sierra Nevada, it was the last city of the Muslim empire resisting the Catholic Monarchs, who preserved the Alhambra a great citadel that today is visited by millions of tourists a year and is, we dare to say, the most important tourist attraction of Andalusia nowadays.

Albaicín, a medieval neighborhood where there is a great concentration of artists and writers, very close you can take pictures from the San Nicolás viewpoint. Many viewpoints look at the Alhambra and today they are a delight in sight.

With enough time do not forget to visit other important Andalusian monuments such as El Bañuelo, Corral Carbón, and others: The Monastery of La Cartuja or the Cathedral.
For lunch we recommend you to try an original Granada dish: Beans with Ham, or also alpujarreño dish, and pestiños for the dessert.

Granada excursion

It is about 2 hours from Malaga, some monuments are far away, but with information and an organized itinerary, you can visit the city really well.
Ideally, start at the City Center, continue on the Carrera del Darro below of the Alhambra, visit the Albaicin, take pictures from a viewpoint and even enter some Carmen, go to the Alhambra and take a “beer and tapa ”Before the return.

Excursions available for Granada:

DAYTRIP Granada, Albaicín y Sacromonte

DAYTRIP Granada Miradores y Cármenes

Seville capital of Andalusia and flamenco

It is the capital of Andalusia, Seville defines and summarizes it. It is one of the classic excursions to do from Malaga. Strongly rooted in Flamenco culture, it has one of the largest old towns in Europe, with a variety of proposals for the tourist with relatively short distances.

The Plaza de España is probably one of the most colorful monuments, where you can admire a piece of modern, semi-elliptical architecture focus to the Guadalquivir (river from where the famous expeditions departed). It is located in the María Luisa Park and stands out for its beautiful green spaces.

The most outstanding monuments are the Cathedral and Giralda, The Real Alcazar of Seville, the Triana neighborhood, Plaza España and Maria Luisa Park, Las Dueñas Palace, and for the lovers of ancient history: Italica.

The gastronomic offer is also a delight with many options, such as the Andalusian gazpacho, tail of bull croquettes, and “soldaditos de pavia” consisting of delicious strips of desalted cod battered with flour, saffron, yeast and hot salt water.

Excursion to Seville

It will be almost 3 hours until arriving from Malaga, but Seville is worth it! In a very large and endless city, there are interesting point to see, look and discover everywhere. Then is probably that in one day of excursion you will not get time to visit completely. In these large cities the best option is to do panoramic tours.

And you must choose, among the most important monuments or even only one of them because is possible to spend the whole day at the Real Alcazar. With a well-organized itinerary you can have time to explore on foot what you want due to your interests and eat. Seville is also a very good place to buy souvenirs from Spain and Andalusia.

Cordoba, the city World Heritage site

Leaving from Malaga, there is another wonderful city near the Guadalquivir River: Cordoba, founded by the Romans. The Cathedral Mosque, the Roman Bridge, Calleja del Pañuelo, Barrio de la Judería, and El Alcázar de Los Reyes Cristianos are some of the places you can not miss, depending on the time you have.
The Mosque-Cathedral is undoubtedly a must in this beautiful city.

You can take a nice walking tour of the historical centre and the Jewish quarter but we also recommend visiting a Palatine city, Medina Azahara which are not far away.
The charm of the views of Córdoba is incomparable, located below Sierra Morena and crossing the Guadalquivir River.

About gastronomy, you will find many proposals but you cannot leave Córdoba without trying the flamenquín, Salmorejo or fried eggplants with honey! And for dessert Cordovan cake …

Excursion to Córdoba

Around 2Hs from Malaga, we will find a city that is worthy of the 4 inscriptions on the World Heritage List granted by Unesco:
* The Mosque-Cathedral (1984),
* Historical centre of the City of Córdoba (1994),
* Festivity of the Patios (2012)
* Medina Azahara Caliphate City (2018).

Visitting Córdoba in May you can not miss the Patios Festivity, although it is not easy to combine it with other visits because there are many people in the city. And if it was not for those dates, ask your guide, there are Patios opened all year to visit. It is the most traditional culture in the city.

Ronda, the dream city

Known for its towering and impressive bridge that connects the old city with the new one, this place was inhabited by several civilizations, not just Muslims and Romans. Due to the strategic position here there were also established Visigoths, Phoenicians, Celts … among others. Its rocky conditions but surrounded by favourable mountains for agriculture made Ronda one of the most wonderful landscapes of Andalusia.

Places that you can not miss: the Arab baths because they are the best preserved in Spain, the deep and ancient water mine inside the city, built to supply the population with water.

We can highlight gastronomy of Ronda on the dishes made with mushrooms of various species because this area is conducive to their growth, as well as varieties of legumes and vegetables, and we also highlight the Rabo de Toro (tail of bull).

With roots and ancient Muslim recipes, Ronda has some of these delicacies among its typical dishes, we will mention two: the famous yolks of the Tajo and the roscas of Ronda, very close to the Plaza de Toro to the east by Pedro Romero Street, it Find the Plaza del Socorro, where you can try these exquisite and traditional sweets.

Excursion to Ronda

From Malaga you will arrive in approximately 2 hours, the city has a simple and not very extensive route. Then better arrive with more plans on the agenda due to you will have time to explore. It could be hiking, in the area that is very popular, but it would be a shame if you left Ronda without visiting a winery or olive grove with a designation of Origin: Sierras de Málaga. There are wineries almost on foot from the city, some very close and others in the region, with incredible landscapes and all prepared for the enjoyment of visitors with tastings and shopping.

Antequera, the centre of Andalusia

Also called kilometre 0 of Andalusia, we could not fail to mention it, starting with the rock formation of El Torcal Natural Park.

Among the curiosities is that it is the city with more churches per inhabitant than any other in Spain, if you are a fan of visiting religious enclaves, this is your place, of the most important, Church of San Juan de Dios, Del Carmen, de Nuestra Señora de Los Remedios, Collegiate Church of Santa María la Mayor, Parroquia de San Sebastián, and very close to it is the Plaza del Pozo with a statue of King Fernando “the fair” of Antequera.

The Alcazaba de Antequera can be visited and if the visit is guided it is better because it is very interesting to appreciate the historical facts. In the Plaza de Santa María and Plaza de Los Escribanos, three historical cultures merge through monuments such as the Roman baths, the Royal Collegiate Church of Santa María and the Alcazaba.

Other things that we can highlight from this city are the Dolmens, a majestic prehistoric construction, the explanatory video that they teach you at first impresses, since they explain how they were built by those times and how they moved those stones, it is also free, from here you can contemplate the Rock of the Lovers.

One of the activities that are having more and more visits is oleotourism, an option in Antequera is to visit the Oil Museum. We recommend it because it is a very interesting visit, the museum and because of the olive oil one of the greatest treasures of Spain.

Typical Antequera meals are the “porra antequerana”, gazpachuelo, ajoblanco, migas… And for dessert a sweet of Arab origin with a rather peculiar name “bienmesabe”.

Excursion to Antequera

Only 40 minutes from Malaga, you will arrive before deploying the map. It is an easy-to-travel city but also the most important attractions may be far away.
The Torcal has free tours for all tastes, but if you do not have too much time the 45 minute is more than enough, go early to enjoy a morning walk and then go to the City.
The centre and main monuments can be easily explored on foot, the way to the Alcazaba is uphill but worth it and has one of the best views.

If you are thinking about a classic vacation and not so much, find more ideas in “10 unconventional excursions to do from Malaga”

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