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10 unconventional excursions to do from Malaga

If you want your trip to Malaga be different from the rest, or if you have already visited Malaga before and on this occasion, you want to discover other places, this is your post. Next, we will explain 10 unconventional excursions to make in Malaga out of the racket of the most tourist places, surrounded by a local environment and for all audiences:


Related to excursions adapted for the whole family we can start with Astrotourism; Discover the sky of Malaga, its stars, constellations and secret legends. This visit can be interesting for astronomers and fans since we all like to lie under a starry sky.

As we move away from the busy cities, there are many places in the nature of Malaga where you can clearly see the sky, and there are even some places like Torcal de Antequera, where we can find an Astronomical Observatory or activities guided in which we can lie on the floor of this place declared “Natural Site of National Interest” to relax and show us the sky in another way.

This visit is suitable for all types of public and is ideal to disconnect from our daily life and connect with nature and our loved ones.

Visit Olivar and Olive Oil Factory

If there is a type of traditional cultivation in Andalusia, it is the olive tree, due to our climate, our lands and other conditions we have the ideal environment for the development of this tree. Although Jaén is the best-known province of Andalusia for its olive trees, the reality is that there are plantations in most provinces of Andalusia.

Around this ancient tree, a series of tasks were developed that diminished due to the desire to modernize the processes and nowadays they are being valued again so that we can all enjoy the traditional products, processes such as the “verdeo” (collection of olives), or even to visit an oil mill where we can observe how the oil that we consume later is made.

In addition, these visits usually include tastings of the oil produced by the olive mill, so that we can try this exquisite product, also known as “liquid gold” in the most authentic way possible.

Hiking and picnic at Monte San Antón to see the sunset

The geography of Malaga is undoubtedly something that makes its inhabitants proud, a city bathed by the Alboran Sea and surrounded by mountain ranges that once made it practically impregnable.

Among these enclaves, we find some better known as the Montes de Málaga, Sierra de las Nieves, Sierra de Mijas … But we want to mention on this occasion the “Montes de San Antón” located on the east side of the city.

This place has a karst formation which makes the landscape similar to the Torcal de Antequera, in addition, the views offered by the different viewpoints of the way are unmatched.

The end is marked by the Cross of San Antón and the views of the entire Malaga coast. For the more daring you can also climb to the second top of these mountains where you can find a niche with a Virgin or climb on one of the sidewalls of this place.
And if we look at the opposite side of the sea we can observe the Montes de Malaga.

With these wonderful views, the ideal is to stop with a picnic to recover energies for the descent. For this excursion we make the basic recommendations of hiking: comfortable shoes and clothes, water bottle, winter coat, nuts or some food … and please, do not forget to collect your garbage and take care of the area, we respect the environment!

Moscatel Raisin Route in Axarquia

The axarquía is a region located on the east side of the province of Malaga, perhaps it is not the best-known tourist area but it is one of the most important due to its agriculture. In this area we find plantations of products such as mango, avocado, and grapes, production that is very important economically.

In fact, there is “The Moscatel Raisin Route”, a 62-kilometre route that runs through all the villages of the Axarquia where these raisins are found, considered one of the best in the world.

Also in this tour you can enjoy the visit some wonderful white villages of Moorish origin, with impressive urbanism and beauty, among them: Moclinejo, El Borge, Comares, Totalán …

In this route, you will be able to know how the grape dries until it becomes raisin, a process that takes place in the traditional “paseros” that you can also visit, how pruning and harvesting are done …
We invite you to look for the ethnographic and traditional museums located in many of these villages and above all to enjoy the gastronomy because not everything is grape in this region!

Trekking in The Copper Forest

The Copper Forest is a phenomenon that happens in autumn in the Genal Valley located in the Serrania de Ronda, it is at this time when chestnut trees bear fruit and the leaves of the trees go from having a greenish tone to other reddish and brown.

The area is located between towns such as Alpandeire, Igualeja, Júzcar, Parauta, Yunquera … and most of the land that has chestnut trees are privately owned, so we recommend doing a trekking routes like the Gran Senda de Ronda (stages 4, 5 and 6) where we can walk and observe this show for free.

The chestnut is an important resource for the inhabitants of the area and in November the famous “tostones” event appears in which chestnuts are roasted and accompanied by anisette, spirits of the area, around this celebrations in the villages exquisite dishes are cooked with chestnuts.
For this excursion we make the basic recommendations of hiking: comfortable shoes and clothes, water bottle, winter coat, nuts or some food … and please, do not forget to collect your garbage and take care of the area, we respect the environment!
Finally, be careful if you want to take a chestnut because its shell is sharp!

Gastronomic tour: El Palo and Pedregalejo neighbourhoods

Many people say that the neighbourhoods of Pedregalejo and El Palo are from the few areas where you can still see the “original Malaga culture”, these fishermen’s neighbourhoods have been dedicating to the same profession for many years, that is why we recommend a gastronomic tour in the area.

Along the promenade there are numerous chiringuitos (restaurants on the beach) where you can taste the most typical dishes of Malaga cuisine such as fried fish or sardines, and usually this fish is brought by the same neighbours in the area that at night they enter with their jabegas in the sea (boats of Phoenician origin dedicated to fishing) and in the mornings they sell the genre in the markets. So the product is fresh, quality and best of all … at popular prices!

Without a doubt these neighbourhoods are one of our favourite parts of Malaga, we can still see many of the old fishermen’s houses, which are still inhabited today and the outstanding faith in the Patroness of the Mariners, the Virgen del Carmen, she is honoured every year on July 16 by introducing his figure into the sea above a boat carried by local fishermen.

Trekking in Torcal de Antequera

The Torcal de Antequera Natural Area is one of the most striking landscapes in the province of Malaga due to its karst formation, so much so that it was declared “World Heritage of Humanity by Unesco”.

En su extensión encontramos 3 rutas públicas y gratuitas con diferentes niveles, están señalizadas con paneles y su acceso es libre.
In its extension we find 3 public and free routes with different levels, they are marked with panels and their access is free. On the other hand, there are guided routes that offer private trails where you can visit the ammonites or the karst labyrinth. Whichever route you choose without a doubt El Torcal is a unique place to visit when you are in Malaga. It is the perfect plan to spend the morning.

For this excursion we make the basic recommendations of hiking: comfortable shoes and clothes, water bottle, winter coat, nuts or some food … and please, do not forget to collect your garbage and take care of the area, we respect the environment!

Rincón de la Victoria and Treasure Cave

About 30 minutes from Malaga, Rincon de la Victoria is a coastal town that has a great history in its past, the first settlement dates from the 7 century B.C., many years ago they already knew that this area was an ideal destination. This town has resources for the whole family to enjoy: beach, Bezmiliana house, good gastronomy, a promenade full of shops.

In addition, Rincon de la Victoria is surrounded by inland villages such as Benaoján, Totalán, Moclinejo … which allow us to visit the famous Andalusian white villages a few minutes from our main destination.

In this enclave we also find the “Treasure Cave”, it may be little known but did you know that it is 1 of the 3 marine caves that can be visited all over the world? The other two are in Mexico and China, and not only that … the cave has been inhabited by many cultures throughout history. So without a doubt, the Treasure Cave is a must-see in the Rincon de la Victoria.

Maritime Tourism in Estepona

Estepona with its white streets decorated with flower pots makes this place known as the typical “White Andalusian Village”. In addition to its old town, it is also called “The Garden of the Costa del Sol” due to a large number of plants that make up this urban garden.

This town located very close to the Mediterranean Sea is not limited to offering Sun and Beach to its visitors, but also cultural and artistic activities that make the place more attractive as the murals in the buildings, Archaeological Museum, Orchidarium, Marina, Gourmet Market in the old food market…

And thinking of the children we find Selwo Adventure, nautical activities on the beach, natural and recreational area of Los Pedregales …

The Great Path of Malaga

La Gran Senda de Malaga is an initiative that aims to unite the entire coast of the province of Malaga in order to achieve a single route that can be done on foot, by bike, running … It is divided into 35 stages because the total is 745 kilometres, in addition, there is a credential that will reward all those who travel at least 3 of the 35 stages.

The road runs through very different landscapes which allows the visitor to choose between the natural environment that he/she likes, even this route joins the Mozárabe Way of Santiago!. For the most daring along the route, there are different activities such as rafting, via ferrata, downhill, climbing….

La Gran Senda de Malaga is the ideal activity for any visitor due to the variety of levels that are in the tour and the numerous stages that make it up, no matter where you stay in the region of Malaga.

For this excursion we make the basic recommendations of hiking: comfortable shoes and clothes, water bottle, winter coat, nuts or some food … and please, do not forget to collect your garbage and take care of the area, we respect the environment!5 excursiones clásicas que hacer desde Málaga

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