Taking an excursion is expanding your trip. If your destination is Malaga, you have the opportunity to discover other destinations in the same day. Discover Leisurely and everything we have organized for visits and excursions from Malaga, we are creators of experiences!

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Private tours and small groups

We offer complete excursions from Malaga. Excursions on excursions with small or private groups,
to other monumental cities or beautiful white villages and beaches,
such as Ronda, Frigiliana, Nerja, Mijas Pueblo, Seville, Córdoba, Granada, among many others.

The city of Malaga with its cultural and gastronomic offer allows us to do tours with a lot of interesting content.
Its good connections and its privileged situation in the center of the Andalusia region,
leaves us a maximum of three hours of travel from the main

Staying in Malaga and extending the trip by taking excursions
It is the best option to discover Andalusia, its culture and gastronomy.

Leisurely is an official online travel agency.
The corresponding license in tourism and having everything necessary to operate is the basis that gives us seriousness and the opportunity to perform high-quality services.
We have created and tested all itineraries, we perform the services ourselves in order to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.
In addition, it allows us to complement the services according to the requirements of travelers and customers since we can offer any service corresponding to a retail / wholesale travel agency.
The tours in Málaga and the excursions from Málaga that we offer are the results of having worked on designing the best and most comfortable option to visit a place from Málaga.
Among the characteristics that define and differentiate us are the ways in which we have decided to make the visits: in small groups with a local guide.
The small groups give the guide the opportunity to have time to be closer to the group and give another tone to the more modern and friendly excursion.
All this with the additional advantage that transport for small groups allows us to visit many places that buses cannot access.

If you are in Málaga and want to take advantage of the time to know more places, in Leisurely we have all the activities organized to do from the City, in a small group and guide that will accompany you to discover and enjoy the best of Andalusia.

Excursions from Málaga

With a departure from the City of Málaga, in a single meeting point, it will allow you to know many essential places that are outside your travel itinerary. The excursions range from 6 to 11 hours. They have transportation, driver and guide.

Tours to visit Málaga

Taking a tour in Málaga can be much more than visiting the historic center on foot. Málaga is much more than that!
Our tours to enjoy Málaga include transportation, which allows us in addition to the walking tour in the pedestrian center, also show you the whole city, neighborhoods, gastronomy and beaches in a complete tour.

Family plans in Málaga

We believe that family tourism is an experience. Offer services oriented to the interest and enjoyment of children, serving parents, who do not have to deal with transportation, parking, tickets and many other things. Is the best way to receive families. Attending to the family group and giving them the most points resolved makes everyone enjoy these family vacations in these plans!

Special activities and experiences in Málaga

The way to travel today leads us to want to enjoy unconventional activities and participate in them. We provide activities for the most curious and enthusiastic who wish to enter and know the Andalusian culture. Provide the place and time to approach and be able to participate. Also, activities that take place for a special event such as Easter Week, “Feria del Patio” in Cordoba, the Christmas Lights in Málaga, or the Festival of the 3 Cultures of Frigiliana, among others. They are special occasions that need a dedicated excursion for this, organized and guided by authentic professionals so that everyone can enjoy it.

Active tourism in Málaga

Another way to participate and find what we are looking for when we travel is to connect with Nature with our active tourism in Málaga.
Organized and guided activities to places with natural charm, with an option to visit, hiking, or bike tours.
It is generally not easy to reach certain places, and more if we are not from the place. For this reason, we offer the transport service from Málaga to the place of the activity, guide of active tourism and have everything organized so you can only enjoy your active day and outdoors.

The minibus excursions in Málaga are for small groups. The coach version with more than 40 passengers and the guide with a microphone out there talking alone, is already obsolete.
The modern excursion services are what we do. Personalization and proximity with small groups.
We leave a single meeting point in the Center of Málaga because picking up other passengers in each hotel is not part of the excursion. This does not mean that we can organize your hotel pick-up to leave you at the meeting point at the agreed time. Of course, we offer this service to private groups to whom we pick up at the agreed place.
The guides are professional people, graduates in tourism or history, who have joined the team for their knowledge, experience and how to make the excursions. His treatment is modern, friendly and close.
Any of these excursions may be what you are dreaming about your Málaga trip!

Nerja and Cave of Nerja from Málaga

Visiting Nerja from Málaga is the perfect excursion. In less than an hour, you will find yourself in a completely different landscape. Nerja is a small city on the Mediterranean, with beaches between cliffs and small coves, with a blue sea and crystal clear waters.
Call The balcony of Europe, it is worth it for this excursion that combined with the cave of Nerja completes the ideal trip to guarantee an experience for many never lived before. The Cave is just 10 minutes from Nerja and is very large, spacious and impressive.

Frigiliana from Málaga

It is one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. We usually visit it on the excursions combined with Nerja. Frigiliana is at the top of the Natural Park of the Sierras facing the Mediterranean. In a beautiful white Andalusian town, with all its charm and flowers, which gives us panoramic views of sighs.

Ronda from Málaga

It is one of our favorite excursions because in one day you can visit it completely. Being a small historical center, it has many wonders to discover. The impressive magnitude of the Tagus and its historic bridge leaves us with one of the most impressive landscapes and that you will never forget as you pass through Spain. With excellent cuisine, the visit to Ronda has several versions for all tastes, especially with a visit to one of its more than 40 wineries and vineyards.

Granada from Málaga

Take the opportunity to visit Granada from Málaga, it is one of the best investments. A monumental city recognized worldwide, you can not miss visiting it. Granada takes us directly to the heart of Al-Andalus and brings us closer to history in a unique opportunity to visit the Albaicín and its monuments with a professional guide.

Antequera from Málaga

In the center of the province of Málaga, it takes us to a completely different landscape leaving Málaga. Antequera fills us with it own style and monumentality.

Seville from Málaga

Seville is the capital of Andalusia, and making a visit from Málaga is essential.
It is the greatest expression of the image of southern Spain having as its epicenter the monumental “Plaza de España”.
You have so much to do and discover in Seville because it is a city with a lot of magic and content. That is why we offer different visits, focusing on different monuments such as La Catedral and Giralda, The Real Alcazar of Seville, or the Palace of Las Dueñas, Italica and others.

Córdoba from Málaga

Córdoba is a city awarded by Unesco, where all the cultures that have passed throughout history are found and today we can visit and discover the balance and care with what they have achieved.
Visiting the Cathedral Mosque, the Alcazar of Catholics Kings and the Jewish Quarter, bathed by the Guadalquivir River joined by a magnificent Roman bridge, is one of the Andalusian jewels that you have the opportunity to visit from Málaga.

Mijas and Marbella from Málaga

Marbella is one of the 5 stars cities that shows us the most luxurious side of the Costa del Sol.
He has managed to preserve his style, taking care not to standardize with other luxury cities in the world. We never stop feeling that we are in Andalusia, thus managing to combine luxury without losing charm.
With a dreamlike, caring and cozy historical center that deserves the visit,
Marbella allows us to enjoy shopping, boardwalks, yachts in the marinas, luxurious cars and much more. All in one day to get closer to a high-end Mediterranean lifestyle.
This excursion includes the view of Mijas, which, being a heritage, is an Andalusian town with unparalleled panoramic views of the Costa del Sol. Its small streets full of flowers leave us in the place you deserve to visit.

Gibraltar from Málaga

British overseas territory, in a strategic place the Rock of Gibraltar between the Mediterranean and the front of the visible coast of Africa, has all its personality. There we find our English style that encompasses from its language, its gastronomy, and the typical red telephone booths; all to enjoy it in an Iberian climate. In addition, it has a nature reserve with curious and friendly locals. The cave of Saint Mitchel that leaves us breathless. Stunning panoramic views and a lot of history about the wars that have been fought in this precious and strategic place for many countries.

Tarifa from Málaga

If your trip through Málaga goes about sun and beach, you can not miss this excursion. We take you to the best beaches we arrive to do in one day from Málaga. Here we find virgin beaches with spectacular sand dunes that drives the east wind. An open sea, a lot of sport like Kitesurfing and a small tour of the town and its history takes us to Baelo Claudia, where the Romans will leave their history, then enjoy the beaches of Tarifa, Bologna and much more!

We take you to one of the most fascinating ways to approach the culture that is through gastronomy. It is about participating in activities, experiences to enjoy and specially designed for gastronomic enjoyment.

Oleo Tourism in Málaga

The olive oil produced in Málaga and Spain is world-renowned. Through Oleo Tourism we take you to the depths of production so you can learn about artisanal manufacturing, modern production, olive fields and of course the tasting of the oils of its production.
You will find different types of oils, their corresponding uses, and tasting. We visit olive groves and oil mills located in Málaga, Ronda and Córdoba. They are days of walk in the open air between olive groves, to be able to clear and connect the gastronomic culture with enjoying.

Wine tourism in Málaga

Wine unites us in preference. Málaga has its own wine identity and from there comes its Denomination of Origin. Visiting the vineyards of the area, the special grapes and ripening that make them unique by the weather of the Costa del Sol. Knowing their traditional and modern artisanal production brings us closer to a day of experiences without equal. The different types of grapes, types of wines and that unites them in the Denomination of Origin. We visit our own vineyards and wineries in Málaga, Axarquía and Ronda.

Tapas Tour in Málaga

“Going out for tapas” is a Spanish classic, it is a way of eating and enjoying. On a tapas tour, nobody wants to be able to order in small portions to try many dishes of Spanish food, meet different restaurants and their specialties, In Málaga, the most traditional and typical of the city are the sardine Espetos, which are grilled in the beach bars. Also the anchovies with lemon, fried Málaga, squid, sprigs, shrimp, prawns and the classic fried octopus; going through an extensive variety of grilled or fried fish. Without neglecting the Spanish tortilla, the Málaga salad, the Andalusian gazpachuelo and its variants of each town. Gazpacho, gazpachuelo, ajoblanco, salmorejo, porra antequerana and many others. These tours are presented in two options: The traditional Moscatel Route, where in addition to eating very rich and varied we are trying the best Muscat wines in the city. And the other option, as a novelty, the Vegetarian Tapas Tour. Not everything is ham in Spain, and there are so many dishes in Málaga and Andalusian cuisine that deserve your specialized tour. We visit places that offer vegetarian cuisine in Málaga of the highest quality and variety with local products. We can taste in this tour the traditional Spanish tortilla, gazpachos, mushrooms, avocado dishes, salads with local products, standard peppers, variety of cheeses, tropical fruits such as mango and many other raw materials with which vegetarian dishes are created to enjoy Malagueña gastronomy.

Do you visit Málaga with a group? You can contact us so that we believe for you and your group the best way to visit and enjoy Málaga and Andalusia. If you are looking foward activities for groups in Málaga, this is one of our specialties.

Getaways and Circuits from Málaga

Departures from Málaga that involve a night or a tour of several cities for the group. There are places and activities that are worth spending a night there in a Getaway from Málaga, or combine several destinations in a circuit. We can organize it for your group.

Tailor-made Tours from Málaga

Some of the services preferred by our clients are tailor-made tours. Our regular excursions are designed to satisfy the greatest number of people without falling into standardization. But in each group there are special requirements, which we can gladly adjust the service to fit your needs and preferences.

Activities for Groups and Companies in Málaga

Many groups arrive in the city of Málaga for tourism with friends, family gatherings, work, training, or participation in a Fair or Congress. This specialized service for groups is a great option when organizing everyone in the same activity.
For this type of groups, which have part of the day already organized and little free time, we can offer short-term activities and gastronomic tours so that during free time they can make small excursions and tours in which they enjoy the visit to Málaga.

Málaga Incentive Activities Teambuilding

Working groups, company or even friends, may require participatory Incentive or Teambuilding activities. Depending on the requirements and composition of the group, we can offer a lot of fun activities to encourage the group, join them, or play and finish the activities with great enthusiasm!

Málaga Sailing. Boat trips for groups

Málaga Sailing is a program for groups that are encouraged to navigate and enjoy the Mediterranean. These walks from the Bay of Málaga can be private and adapted in time to the group and its schedules. An afternoon of sailing or lunch on board at sea is one of the most relaxing and unforgettable activities we can offer.

Online Reservation

We offer the opportunity that if you have found the excursion that you want, you can book it from the Web without any problem and without having to consult. Of course, you can always contact us through one of our customer services channels such as email, online chat, or WhatsApp. We are here to help you with any questions. It’s very simple! You just have to find your activity and click on ‘Book’.

Secure payment

Our website has an SSL certificate, which gives security to the entire site. But in addition, the worldwide known STRIPE payment gateway provides the necessary security as a double layer throughout the entire purchase process. We also comply with the latest SCA regulation in the EU, where payments will be redirected to your bank so that you can authorize them with total security.

Meeting point in the Center of Málaga

The biggest advantage you’ll find is the meeting point for excursions and tours. Our starting point is unique for all regular services. This way we avoid doubts like where we came from. It is always the same point, in front of the Building of the City of Málaga in Av. De Cervantes 4 (29016) With this, we achieve that when we get on the minibus the excursion begins! We will no longer pick up other passengers, which is usually the tedious part of any excursion. Although we offer the pick-up service at the hotel or apartment, for private groups and for regular groups we offer the service of picking them up and transferring them to the meeting point with a private taxi transport company.

Small group excursions from Málaga

Performing activities and visits in small groups is what our service is all about. With Leisurely you will never do an activity with more than 40 people. The groups always make up a maximum of 24 passengers, being the usual 16. You can also hire the service for only 2 people or 4, the ones you want privately, for personalization and exclusivity of any of the services.

Local Guide

The team of guides are highly qualified and dynamic young people who manage to welcome the group throughout the excursion and tour in the most modern and friendly way possible. They are local people of Málaga, professionals in different areas such as tourism, history, winemaking, etc.

Destination Activity Agent

Our mission is to help you enjoy Málaga and your trip. For this, we do not only sell excursion and tour services.
We have created an Agent of activities in destination, so that you can consult according to your travel dates the activities in the city, consult for transport, places of accommodation, schedules and rates of museums, recommendations of restaurants, etc. All doubts that may arise to organize the trip and help you make the most of your time, with the sole purpose of enjoying Málaga.

Retail / Wholesale Travel Agency

The tourism license granted by the Andalusian Tourism Registry as a retail / wholesale travel agency allows us to sell our services to end customers as well as to other travel agencies. If you already have your trusted travel agency you can ask them to contact us, as well as other agencies that are organizing travel packages can contact us to inform and hire our services and thus complete a package that they are creating with the destination activities already organized by a local agency.

Services for DMC in Málaga

Likewise, and among others, we provide service to DMC (Destination Management Company) or Local Integrative Tourist Agencies.
We participate with our offer to complete the activities at the destination of the groups that visit through them Málaga and Andalusia. We adjust all activities to your preferences and schedules in coordination with arrivals, departures and other activities. We offer special discounted rates for DMC agencies. Also, especially for agencies, we create activities that are not usually within our portfolio of services, correctly attending to the requirements of each group.

Services for MICE in Málaga

Many companies that organize Meetings, Incentives, Congresses, Fairs and Events receive groups of people from many different places, and although they arrive for the particular event in question, we work with them to provide activities to complete the day to day of the different groups that participate in the MICE event. Our services for these types of companies are shorter services between 2 to 4Hs that are complemented by the group’s agenda. In this way, we help to combine tourism and take advantage of the visit to Málaga or Andalusia, among the MICE agenda that summons them.

Meeting point

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In front of Málaga city council
Av. de Cervantes, 4,
29016 Málaga

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